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And guys , how is the surprise ?? I became a CERTIFIED REGISTERED PAGAL . Finally , dimag kharaab ho gya tha , Har baar invalid username invalid username ab kya mai kisi aur ka naam rakhu.
By the way , mujhe pehchana. Mai hu kon , mai hu kon. Aree , mai Don nhi hu , surbhi hi hu.??

Kumkum Bhagya 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Abhi

She asks do you know what I did for you. Om says we know everything, we regret that he became your son, but you could not become his mum, its said one who raises is bigger than one who gives birth, but you proved this wrong, if Shivaye was your son, your blood, would you do this, Shivaye is not your blood, but he did all the duties of your son, he regards you Lord, not mum, please tell us, what was lacking in his love that you snatched his happiness, Shivaye did not lose Anika, we lost Shivaye, and you lost him the most. Rudra says Shivaye got away from himself, why were you jealous by Anika, everyone has different place for wife and husband, Shivaye did all roles well, Anika was his wife, it does not mean he was not your son and our brother. She says I did what has his betterment. Om says Anika is his betterment and happiness. Rudra says now we will do everything and not let him break. Om says till now he has managed us, now Omru will handle him and get him back. They leave.

Bharatmala Pariyojana Details (Plan, Deadline, Map) - PM

Hi anu..simply I read all ur comments..when I am free n while going to sleep..
While typing comments if any doubts araise again I go through all ur comments..ah
Got habituate ?☺☺..

Harsha..me too hoping after hearing merger news.. D following question u put here us all get answerd futherly..n it sounds interesting too..let 8767 s hope for d best dear☺☺☺

I too having d same thing yaar..anika 8767 s present in om only to bring back ssotadi
Hoping so CVS will show a proper fb of aniomru ☺..

Astha..meri jaan how r u?.. All ur comments seems ur in asr dream island singing rabbavae.. N eagerly waiting for d clock to struck at 8 pm Monday is it dear?..?☺☺☺..
Njoy baba
Astha..beautiful analysis dear..??..
I agree with ranilya..U r capable of giving flying kiss to asr in front of ur dad..?ah..??
Still I too use rabbavae..o jaana..ringtones to my loved ones ah?☺..
I agree with u meri jaan..no sorry for long comments.. Coz we pkj 8767 s loves to read l whatever d length of d comments be..☺?..hoping so..
Lols??? me too yaar while watching asr n SSO..what is happening BTW these too..

Hi comments..☺abt d epi
Me too thought d same d way dey look at each others..??maa da ladle bigaad gaya..I smiled myself..such wierd thoughts comesonly to me..what d wuck!!????but u too thought??
Did u got admission ah yaar?..
Thanku for replying almost all of us dear..?☺☺☺☺..

did everyone saw tabhi pic in tanu room wgich was taken on wedding anniversary celebratikn pa that disgusting large frame pic frustate me on bhi i hate him deep to my heart

Hi nila ?☺comments..
Yeah..its fun to watch ragini 8767 s self speaking n d mannerisms she enacted in d venue..
Yes..Friday epi is dedicated to omruadvaybaaz..
S dear nila..pinky deserves more..??gobar dung effect..crazy yaar..
Thanku for all d links ????☺??..

Rudra says you did a crime, not mistake, you snatched our brother. Om says you are responsible for all this, you snatched everything that makes him Shivaye, you snatched his anger, love, dreams, desires, everything. Se asks what dreams did I snatch. Om says Anika was his desire and dream. Rudra says Anika went because of you, she did not go alone, she took Shivaye’s heart also, there is no love and anger seen in his eyes, just loneliness is seen, which you gifted him. Om says Anika is Shivaye’s happiness. Rudra says sorry, I will not be quiet today, I love Shivaye the most, today he is in this state because of you, you maybe feeling guilty, how do you face yourself.

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