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The Season of Lent - CRI/Voice

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The Easter Bunny is a symbol of Easter that is popular in western culture, especially with children. According to folklore, the Easter. continue reading

BBC - Religions - Christianity: Lent

It is only you
who can read and understand
the language of our hearts,
only you who can translate our ''sorry''
into the prayer we would have prayed,
if we had the words within us.
Then you forgive,
and having forgiven
surround us in an embrace of love,
drawing us close to your heart,
as it was always meant to be.
Thank you, Loving Father,
that you listen to hearts,
as well as voices
Thank you.

Preparing for Lent - Full Homely Divinity

For children it could be something such as chocolate, sweets, television or certain toys, while adults tend to give up things such as alcohol, coffee or smoking.

If you skimmed that – as I often do when I see a quote! – you might like to go back and read it properly. It’s a beautiful set of pictures that has changed my sense of what Lent can be.

Lord, we would grow with you
New shoots reaching out
Hands stretched upward
Like leaves newly formed
Soaking up your light and warmth
Lord, we would grow with you

When you do the recycling or turn off a light in an empty room, talk about how 8766 it 8767 s important to take care of God 8767 s earth 8767 .

We 8767 ve just had four weeks of candle-lighting at Advent, culminating, in our household, with this delightful moment on Christmas Day:

I love this post and have lots of new ideas..we have lost our way a bit with lent in our family
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One of the most famous pancake races is held at Olney in Buckinghamshire over a 965 yard course. The rules are strict contestants have to toss their pancake at both the start and the finish, as well as wearing an apron and a scarf. The race is followed by a church service.

But there is a lot more to the religious observance than giving up something, as it is regarded as a period of spiritual preparation to grow closer to God in the run-up to Easter .

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