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Under exceptional circumstances, these skins may become available again. Original versions of the skin may receive updated texture details and special loading screen flair.

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Main article: Honor Before, these skins were obtained through the system "Refer a friend" but over time this stopped working. With the renewed implementation of honor, these skins come out in level 5 Honor capsules , that drop once a player reaches Honor level 5.

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The updated splash arts is another thing we are currently doing though more slowly than we 8767 d like. The main problem is that there 8767 re a lot of champions and skins so keeping everything up to date takes quite a bit of time. Regardless, we haven 8767 t discarded anything so when we are able we 8767 ll try to have more content. That 8767 s the intention at aleast.

Zero, I 8767 ve been meaning to ask this for a long time now
I feel like all the new skins that come out have in-game shots that are not of the highest quality. I can tell you create them yourself using shots from the brief video demonstrations Riot provides of the skins. (Which they used to provide simple but adequate images of before, like Galactic Azir and Jade Fang Cassiopeia)
To be honest, I wouldn 8767 t mind going through the trouble of getting you higher quality versions that display the abilities in just as if not better ways. Additionally, there are some which are not in desperate need of replacing but could do with an update that shows things better, like Jade Fang Cassiopeia and Mythic Cassiopeia. What do you say?

Glad that you like the site. We have chroma reviews for base skins and paid skins. Links are available at the end of the Review Index page.

Fare enough, we 8767 ll accept what we can get. Thanks for the screenshots. Another one that has a model viewer image is Snow Bunny Nidalee and some of the old legacy legendaries. If we come across any other we 8767 ll add it to a future list for when you are able to make more images.

Truth be told it 8767 s a thorough disappointment that every time there 8767 s some sort of update skins lose features. In a way it punishes owners of skins as not only do they get surpassed by newer offerings but also get downgraded every time that changes are made. Specifically the headpiece snakes no longer glow with Noxious Blast and Miasma but they still do with Petrifying Gaze. Would like to know why.

According to Riot 8767 s Guide to Skin Price Tiers we aren 8767 t being that unreasonable. Regardless, skins should improve and offer more so perhaps a rebalance that makes allows skin tiers to evolve and have more features is necessary as you mention.

It gives the sour taste that Riot is trying to make owned skins worse so that people would buy the newer skins with new features. Sometimes new skins include those same extras that were omitted in previous ones. It 8767 s something that only Riot can fix but they always answer with the not enough resources answer. Just disappointing.

Due to the low resolution of some videos and the precarious spotlights of the skins the images aren 8767 t always the best they could or should be. We would frankly prefer if Riot returned to the good old images that it released and also updated when work on skins was made. As that isn 8767 t something under our control we are grateful for any improvement you can offer with new images. The clearer that features are displayed the better.

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